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    Report: 50 years after Fair Housing Act, inequality is rampant in Atlanta

    A demographical analysis of Atlanta and three other major American cities is showing that a stark difference still exists in several key categories between residents on either side of the proverbial tracks. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act—the landmark legislation that aimed to eliminate discrimination in U.S. housing—real estate company Trulia partnered with the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) to shine a light on modern-day housing inequality and why closing the gaps is important. Analysts found that half a century since the legislation had passed, inequality remains rampant across Atlanta. Trulia and NFHA honed in on four metros—Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, and Oakland, respectively—in an attempt to…

  • Wings bounce back with road win in Atlanta | MLive.com
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    Wings bounce back with road win in Atlanta

    GWINNETT, GA– The Kalamazoo Wings got back into the win column after a wire-to-wire performance produced a 4-3 win against the Atlanta Gladiators on Wednesday at Infinite Energy Arena. Skating through a tightly-contested first period, the Wings were on the receiving end of a generous bounce in the closing minutes and produced the opening frame’s only tally. Kyle Blaney controlled the puck along the right wing side and went to rifle a backdoor pass, only to see it deflected off a defender’s stick. The re-directed puck sailed in the air, over the head of Dan Vladar, off his blocker and into the goal. It was Blaney’s 10th of the season…

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    BeltLine elevates head of housing policy to cabinet level position

    The Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. has elevated the position of housing director to a cabinet level position, underscoring BeltLine President and CEO Brian McGowan’s intention to sharpen the BeltLine’s effort to comply with City Hall’s mandate that the BeltLine develop 5,600 units of affordable housing along the corridor. The Irwin Street Market is among many shops that have opened to serve residents moving into homes along the Atlanta BeltLine, most of which are not affordable to folks earning the salary of teachers. File/.Credit: David Pendered Even at the C-suite level, the position faces a tough challenge to generate much interest from the private sector in building homes that are affordable to…

  • Overcoming the affordable housing funding challenge - SaportaReport
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    Overcoming the affordable housing funding challenge

    By Guest Columnist MIKE DOBBINS, a professor of the practice of planning at Georgia Tech’s College of Design and and a longtime advocate for housing affordability The city is making constructive strides toward addressing its ever-growing affordable housing needs. Researchers are pretty much in agreement that a stable, safe, and affordable home provides the fundamental and essential grounding for families to make their way into better education, improved health, higher incomes, and a quality of life that holds out hope. Mike Dobbins The recent city elections highlighted the urgency for housing fairness, with the candidates mostly all pledging to do something about it. There seems to be a will for…

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